Specimen Research and Management

Your future success sits in your specimen data bank. Mining for the right samples at the right time opens doors to new science, new trials and new breakthroughs. How you collect, track, manage and release your samples can determine and is critical to your success today and in the future.

Global Specimen Solutions built its integrated web-based pipeline data management solution GlobalCODE® to ensure you handle your samples in a way that optimizes your business and your science. GSS also built a specialized mobile system snapTRACK™ to boost data collection in the field. snapTRACK works seamlessly with GlobalCODE, such that your virtual specimen tracking is auditable, traceable and reportable at any time.

Our global specimen expert team works with you across the full spectrum of specimen research needs, providing industry best practice methodologies and operational efficiencies, along with innovative data management systems to ensure your specimen management is unparalleled.

Specimen Collection

The moment of specimen collection is an important one, yet it is often invisible to researchers responsible for overseeing the completeness and quality of specimen collection. Without proactive, globally minded protocol practices, high rates of collection with broad consent can be difficult to obtain, later limiting research opportunities. Real-time data accessibility allows in-life decision making key to optimizing pipeline data.

GSS can quickly and painlessly integrate and curate legacy specimen collections, bringing them into a compliant, searchable format for research. GSS enables true integrated management of future biomedical research specimen collections.

Virtual Specimen Tracking

Secure, reliable, real-time virtual specimen tracking ensures the time and resource spent collecting actionable data is not lost. GSS provides virtual global specimen tracking across sites and labs. Specimen data is tracked with its derivatives, as well as associated derived datasets that are compliant with global regulation and law. This fully traceable view of specimen data allows for fast targeting and locating of specific specimens for use, as well as the most robust and integrated view of specimen data available today.

Specimen Management

Specimen data management can involve multiple large specimen inventories that include specimen collections, clinical data, each with varying degrees of global compliance information. Precision medicine can be realized with scientific expertise of biomarker analysis and efficient, prospective specimen data usage.

GSS provides ongoing data management support for large global specimen inventories, as well as needed biomarker and data use expertise to enable future biomedical research opportunities. GSS also serves as an entrusted key holder for de-identified specimens and datasets, creating credibility for GSS clients with ethics committees around the world.

GSS clinical specimen management includes virtual specimen tracking and transfer from collection site to all central and analytic labs and storage facilities. GSS provides specimen consent reconciliation and facilitates specimen storage and destruction.

GSS also facilitates efficient transfer of clinical biomarker result data to database, ensuring curation, compliant chain of custody tracking, and key file generation and cleaning. GSS specimen management practices enable more transparent, integrated views of specimen data down to the biomarker and compliance detail required to perform good and prospective science. Data is globally accessible real-time.

Specimen Release

Human specimen release protocol ensures compliant, auditable, reportable science. GSS experts provide customized, detailed specimen release protocols that minimize risk and provide efficient processes for specimen research teams.